Sign for the closure of NeuroSpin and to save the animals

For the attention of: the Ministry of Research, the Ministry of Agriculture, the Essonne Prefecture, FC3R, the National Committee For Ethical Reflection on Animal Testing, and the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission.

In Essonne, the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA: Commissariat à l’énergie atomique et aux énergies alternatives) manages the NeuroSpin laboratory, which keeps macaques and rodents for testing.
Year after year, inspections here reveal serious problems: thirsty primates, minuscule cages, untrained staff, forgetting to feed the monkeys… Several animals have even died due to the negligence of the staff, or even due to a lack of care or the use of out-of-date medications. Despite this, the Prefecture has reacted in a very insubstantial manner, and is currently pretending that all is fine at NeuroSpin.
We cannot be fooled. Such a laboratory, which has systematically been breaking the law for more than ten years by making animals suffer without being concerned, must close.
With One Voice, we are asking for the closure of the NeuroSpin animal testing laboratory. In order to avoid them being transferred to other laboratories or their ordeal being continued, we are also asking for the animals to be seized. One Voice can take responsibility for them and place them in their sanctuary.

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To warn the public of what is happening in secret in laboratories,
we have published a research report on ‘Animal testing and primates’.

The result of considerable research, it answers major questions on what our closest cousins subjected to scalpels endure. Disrespecting regulations, a lack of transparency on practices, unspeakable primate suffering…

Point by point, with supporting references, this document condemns the major role that France plays in their exploitation, the reality of capturing in the wild, illegal trafficking, keeping conditions, farcical inspections, a lack of sanctions, and dysfunctional ethics committees. 

This 28-page report is out bible and we have started giving it to politicians.

We will continue this with your support! Everyone must know the truth: the public, media, MPs, and MEPs. This cruelty is intolerable. We are calling on France to finally put an end to it.